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Oracle OCI 2023 Architect Associate Practice Exam 1Z0-1072-23

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has evolved significantly over the years, becoming a key player in the cloud computing landscape. As technology continues to advance, so does the expertise required to effectively architect and manage cloud solutions. The Oracle Cloud OCI 2023 Architect Associate certification (exam code: 1Z0-1072-23) aims to validate professionals’ skills in designing, implementing, and managing OCI solutions. In this article, we will delve into a few practice test questions that shed light on some of the essential concepts covered by the certification

1. Oracle Cloud Agent is a lightweight process that manages plugins running on compute instances.
Which is NOT a valid Oracle Cloud Agent plugin name?

  • Live Migration Agent
  • OS Management Service Agent
  • Compute Instance Run Command
  • Bastion

2. You are part of a team that manages a set of workload instances running in an on-premises environment. The Architect team is tasked with designing and configuring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging service to collect logs from these instances. There is a requirement to archive Info-level logging data of these instances into the OCI Object Storage.
Which TWO features of OCI can help you achieve this?

  • Cloud Agent Plugin
  • Grouping Function
  • Service Connectors
  • Agent Configuration
  • ObjectCollectionRule

3. You create a file system and then add a 2 GB file. You then take a snapshot of the file system.
What would be the total meteredBytes shown by the File Storage service after the hourly update cycle is

  • 3 GB
  • 2.5 GB
  • 4 GB
  • 2 GB

4. You are part of an organization with thousands of users accessing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). An unknown user action was executed resulting in configuration errors. You are tasked to quickly identify the details of all users who were active in the last six hours along with any REST API calls that were executed.
Which OCI service would you use?

  • Notifications
  • Service Connectors
  • Notifications
  • Logging
  • Audit

Oracle OCI Foundations Associate [1Z0-1085-23]

5. You have an instance running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that cannot be live-migrated during an infrastructure maintenance event. OCI schedules a maintenance due date within 14 to 16 days and sends you a notification.
What would happen if you choose not to proactively reboot the instance before the scheduled maintenance due date?

  • The instance will get terminated.
  • The instance is either reboot-migrated or rebuilt in place for you.
  • You will receive another notification to reboot within the next 14 days.
  • You will receive another notification to reboot within the next 7 days.

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Oracle Architect Associate
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